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Innovating the Future.

We're are a Singapore based ITSP, Specialized in Communication Solutions to
Carriers and Retail Providers globally.

Established in 2004, We operate on a global scale,with Carrier customers spanning in over 100 countries. 

Tseyva actively invests in ITSP’s and Solution providersfocused on IoT and Communication.

Our Ventures


Excila Telecom

Excila Telecom is the Wholesale Voice Subsidiary of Tseyva. Excila is a Carrier Class operator specializing in niche Interconnects globally.


RedVoIP Networks

RedVoIP Networks focuses on Emerging Technologings, Infrasturcture and Managed Solutions for the Communications Industry.


Retail Switch

RetailSwitch offers affordable Private-Label Retail Telecom Solutions. RetailSwitch operated solutions are available globally under private labels.


1 Raffles Place
#20-61, Tower 2
Singapore 048616 


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Phone: +65-3158-1723

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