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SaRC - Switching & Rating Console
SaRC is a carrier grade integrated VoIP billing , Routing, service provisioning and customer management platform that enables retail service providers to launch, price and provision their services.
SaRC compromises of 3 modules which are essential for any prepaid deployment service.
01. Switching
02. Billing
03. Routing
1. Switching - Carrier Grade switching platform on Sansay, Cisco, Dialogic. Our industry leading platforms offer premium uptime and stable quality of service under a broad range of operating conditions and call load.

2. Billing software developed in house with a fully scalable and extensible architecture capabilities including,
  • real-time mediation and rating;
  • multiple services billing such event-based, usage-based and periodic charging;
  • multilevel reseller and Agents;
  • E-commerce (Paypal, 2checkout)
  • Service products - Monthly daily recurring fees, setup Charges, Free Minutes
  • invoicing and collection

3. Routing - With an  international coverage to more than 1,000 destinations, including more than 700 fixed and mobile routes that are selected and actively managed to provide stability and voice quality for retail operators. We provide the lowest rates in the market compare to any retail quality provider.

Our routing is based on the following thresholds.
1) ASR - Minimum asr for routing 25%
2) ACD - Minimum ACD for routing 180 Seconds
3) FAS Scrubbing

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