Calling Cards
The Calling Card product is a highly technical product yet, providers will experience the easiest implementation of it for their end customers as the product as been bundled to eliminate all technical hassle. With high revenue generation possibilities, this is an ideal product for any ambitious provider looking to capture mass markets. This product can be offered in two methods, via local setting up of calling card or using DID numbers. IVR prompts and calling card billing will be provided via the SARC interface, as would the generation of the calling card pins.
Local Calling Card Setup
Providers have the flexibility to setup their own calling card platform in their local market if they are able to afford this. Costs involved are higher, however, the quality of service and customer satisfaction levels are greater. A minimum requirement of a standard calling card FXO gateway (minimum 2 ports), calling card access lines (number of lines should be equivalent to number of ports), and internet bandwidth (minimum 56kbp per port) would allow to setup a calling card system overnight. All configuration support, guidance & training would be provided.
DID Number Calling Card Setup
Using DID Numbers for calling card is the easiest method of implementation. But this method relies heavily on the service levels of the DID number provider, therefore, may not always guarantee the best quality of service. Any DID number provider supporting SIP URI call forwarding method will function, and a DID number has to simply be pointed to the relevant calling card IVR server.
* Configuration of DID numbers would be provided.
Shamil Ranaweera
Aravinth Elanchalian
Iresha Rathnayake
Why Calling Card?
1. Very easy to market and capture & build a large customer base in short periods of time
2. Configurations and troubleshooting is provided, no hassle in maintenance
3. Easily manageable calling card pins in SARC control panel
4. Track pin sales & activations to monitor growth
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